Hybrid Cables
Hybrid Cables

Hybrid Cables

  • A wide range of hybrid cable combinations is available to cater to specific requirements, including options involving fiber, corded wires, and customized combinations.
  • Outstanding crush resistance and flexibility, enhancing their ease of use.
  • Improve power management by reducing the need for coordination and maintenance in power supply systems.
G657A2-4-12A4 Cores of fiber,G.657.A2, 12AWG
Fiber Type G.657.A2
Number of Cores 4
Tube Materials PBT
Filler Fiber Jelly
Tube Diameter 2.0±0.1mm
Conductor Materials Cu
Conductor Type Class5
Insulation Materials LSZH
Operating Temperature -65℃ to +70℃ | -85℉ to +158℉
Operating Humidity ≤95%
Bending Radius 10 Diameter
Tensile Strength 300N for short term
150N for long term
Crush 1000N/100mm for short term
300N/100mm for long term