RF Repeaters
RF Repeaters

RF Repeaters

Designed for cost-efficient alternatives to base stations where coverage is more critical than capacity and no wired backbone is available.Support for multiple technologies, including AWS, iDen, UMTS, 4G and 5G.

  • Real-time intelligent isolation detection to prevent installation issues.
  • Energy-efficient sleep mode in no-user coverage areas.
  • Dynamic ALC for compliant signal strength.
  • Supports 20+ users without performance impact.
  • Easy troubleshooting via Bluetooth-connected app.
Mechanical Specifications

Color: Black

Connectors: N-Female

Weight: 0.25Kg | 0.55lb

Dimensions: 163*46*18.5mm | 6.42*1.81*0.73in

Indoor Outdoor Coupling V. Ins. Loss Isolation Choose
V5C727M-N5 V5C727M-N5P 5dB +-0.8dB ≤2.4dB ≥20dB Add
V6C727M-N5 V6C727M-N5P 6dB +-0.8dB ≤2.0dB ≥21dB Add